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Laura Walker
Here are a few of the projects I've been busy working on.  Look out for the latest projects coming in 2019!

Laura's theatrical reel
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Laura's voiceover work
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Holiday Red Carpet Interview with Laura Walker
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Spotlight on Laura Walker
Q & A with Laura Walker
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"...Without Him" Webisode 1
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"...Without Him-The Reactions" Webisode 2
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"...Without Him-The Dos and Don'ts of Dating" Webisode 3
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"...Without Him-The Blind Date" Webisode 4
Find out how it ends here

LPL Financial "Mary"

AAMCO "We Hear You"
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Wilson Sleek Cell Phone Booster Commercial
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AAMCO Commercial
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T.C. Boyle's, "The Women."
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5/2019- "Fancy Meeting You Here" is awarded BEST INDEPENDENT SHORT at The Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival!

4/2019- Ms. Walker performs in Homeward LA, a city-wide benefit presentation for The Midnight Mission in LA, CA.

3/2019- "Fancy Meeting You Here" is chosen as an official selection at The Independent Filmmakers Showcase in LA, CA!!

3/2019-Ms Walker helps as a supporting role in the music video,  "On The Ropes", by artist and cancer survivor, Thad Foster.

2/2019-Laura books and shoots the lead role in "Younger", a short film directed by Nancy Liu

11/2018-Laura plays the role of Jaime in Tom Misuraca's play, Class Reunion in the One Act Festival presented by SkyPilot Theatre. 

8/2018-Her short film, "Fancy Meeting You Here" is chosen to be screened at The Oasis Short Film Screening Series in NYC, NY!

7/2018-Ms. Walker is tapped for the role of JYL in Kim Yaged's play, Hypocrites and Strippers.

3/2018-Laura originates the role of Ash in the world premiere of Midnight Requisition, a play by Craig Jessen.

6/2017-The short film trailer is shot for "Fancy Meeting You Here"

1/2017-Interview process begins for "3DAY," editing process begins as well.

12/2016-Laura meets with producer, Suzanne DeLaurentiis and is asked to come into her workshop.

12/2016-Filming wraps on "3DAY," starring Laura Walker and Eileen Rogers.

11/2016-Filming wraps and editing begins on "2 BROKE BEES"

11/2016-Ms. Walker gets called in for "JANE THE VIRGIN"

10/2016-Filming begins on "2 BROKE BEES: Season 1"

10/2016-Laura gets called in to "CRIMINAL MINDS"

9/2016- Ms. Walker raises funds and conquers the AVON 39: WALK TO END BREAST CANCER!

9/2016-Laura is called in for producers session for "Starfall", a feature film competition.

6/2016-Pre-Production begins on "2 BROKE BEES", a web series starring Ms. Walker and Aries Sanders.

4/2016-Pre-Production begins on "3 DAY," starring Laura Walker and Eileen Rogers.

3/2016-Ms. Walker is cast as Nancy in "Morgan in Maywood"

2/2016-Laura gets cast in "Of Alan" by Experimental Bitch Productions.

1/2016-Ms. Walker gets called in to read for Broad Green Pictures for a feature film coming down the line.

12/2015-Laura begins her fundraising/project campaign to walk the AVON 39: The Walk to End Breast Cancer.

12/2015-Laura welcomes Larry Wiedemann to the team as her Commercial Agent at Mazlea Talent Agency, LLC

11/2015-Laura welcomes Regina Lines to the team as her Theatrical Agent at Paloma Model & Talent

8/2015-"Fancy Meeting You Here" comes back to The Underground Theater as a full length show...Feature film script in the works.

5/2015-The film Laura was featured in last year, "Devils in Disguise", is going to The Cannes Film Festival!

2/2015-Laura goes in to read for latest project by E.D. Brown.

1/2015-Laura gets called into Paramount for The Women's Center for Creative Work. 

1/2015-Rave reviews for "Fancy Meeting You Here," plans begin to turn piece into a full length show.

10/2014-Ms. Walker finishes writing her one woman show, "Fancy Meeting You Here", pre-production begins for January run.

8/2014-Laura is called upon to be in E.D. Brown's excellent series, "Sidetracked." 

6/2014-Ms. Walker currently shooting short film, "Exhale", the first movie from producer/writer/actress, Aries Sanders.

6/2014-Laura is called in to first read of latest horror film from producers, Steve Helgoth and Frayne Rosanoff of Cinekat Filmworks.

6/2014-Laura begins edit of her reality short, "CTRL, ALT, DEL"

5/2014-"Hidden Hills" has 2nd edit read through with cast.

4/2014-Laura begins writing of her one woman show...keep your ears and eyes peeled for the latest developments.

3/2014-Ms. Walker shoots a supporting role in Guillaume Campanacci's, "Devils in Disguise".

3/2014-Ms. Walker stands out as a lead in the movie, "The Gift of Fear", the clip coming soon.

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